International Journal of Psychological and Behavioural Research (IJPBR) is double-blind peer- reviewed and open access research journal of international outlook. The IJPBR is biannual research Journal published from Women University Mardan, KP-Pakistan since 2021 and is recognized by HEC in Y category in the year 2022.


    The journal FAHM-I-ISLAM (JFII), a referred and internationally indexed journal of the Department of Islamic Studies, Women University, Mardan. It is double- blind peer reviewed open access and a multi-dimensional journal of international outlook in Islamic Sciences.

    Its full name denotes a variety of significant characteristics of such like sacred journal "FAHM-I-ISLAM" as given below: 

    F- Stands for Felicitous which means:          (Well chosen)

    A-Stands for Advantageous which means:   (Fruitful/Beneficial)

    H- Stands for Harmonious which means:     (Sweet sounding/uniformed)

    M-stands for Marvel which means:               (Pleasingly combined)

    I-stands for Imprint which means:                 (Making impression)

    I-stands for Invincible which means:             (Un-beat able)

    S-stands for secure which means:               (Safe/protected)  

    L-stands for Liable which means:                 (Officially responsible)       

    A-stands for Admirable which means:          (Praise worthy)

    M-stands for Memorable which means:        (Time lasting)

    The Journal Fahm-i- Islam was launched in the year 2018 (in January) for the benefit of students, researchers and general public. Fahm-i-Islam is a journal being published biannually by the faculty of Islamic Studies, Women University Mardan Khyberpakhtunkhwa Pakistan with the approval of the competent authority.

  • Pakistan Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research

    Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research (PJHSSR) is double-blind peer- reviewed open access and a multidisciplinary academic research journal of international outlook. The PJHSSR is published biannually since 2018 from the Women University Mardan, KP-Pakistan.