Investigating Natural and Supernatural Events in Poe’s Selected Stories with the Lens of Theory of Fantastic


  • Hassin ur Rehman University of Sindh


Keywords: psychological issues, supernatural, Fantastic, Uncanny and Marvelous, hallucination


Edgar Allan Poe is an American well-known short story writer. He discusses numerous themes related to society including psychological issues and supernatural events. Most of the researchers argue that Poe is a supernatural writer however, the researcher believes that most of Poe’s events in the stories have natural interpretations which are being directed to supernatural by other researchers. The researcher applies Todorov’s Theory of Fantastic to investigate the natural and supernatural events of the story. This theory helps to distinguish between natural and supernatural events. Conclusively, it appears that the events which have natural explanations such as hallucination, delusion, illusion, delirium, and deceived senses come in the realm of Uncanny. The events, which do not have natural explanations are directed to supernatural or fantasy, are called Marvelous. The researcher explores other research articles to support the topic under study.