Provoking Patriotic Sentiments through War Songs: An Intertextual Analysis of Pakistani [Indo-Pak] War songs


  • amnanaveed78 naveed COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
  • Dr. Muhammad Shaban Rafi Department of English Linguistics and Literature Riphah International University


: Indo-Pakistan War songs, Discourse Historical Approach, Patriotism, Intertextuality


This study explores the linguistic forms which are employed in the war time songs to evoke the sentiments of patriotism. The present study utilizes to better understand and analyze the lyrics of the songs. DHA’s four levels of analysis and the socio-political circumstances, were employed to look for commonly emerging themes in the selected text. The study reveals the themes of persuasion to join jihad, nationalism, interstate conflict and intertextuality. The Pakistani War songs evoke the sentiments of patriotism with a focus on topoi, figurative speech and other linguistic devices such as nomination, adjectives, and hyperboles. Findings of this study may be utilized while writing patriotic songs to evoke social cohesion among multiethnic citizens and call for peace on the borders.