Open Journal System for Women University Mardan



    The Urdu research journal TAUSEEQ concerns with the issues of Urdu language, literature, and culture. The major features of the journal are unpublished research works about Urdu classical text, manuscripts, modern critical theories, thoughts, ideas, issues of language, linguistic problems, and quality research of prose and poetry. This journal strictly follows the rules and regulations set by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan for journals.

  • International Journal Of Literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies

    International Journal of literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies publishes articles that contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in the fields of Literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies. Though IJLLTS prefers papers based on empirical work, review articles and case studies are also considered for publication. International Journal of literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies invites contributions from scholars and experts to share knowledge and encourage healthy debate in wide ranging areas of literature, language and translation studies. The Quality of research publications are subject to the conscientious plagiarism check, screening process and double-blind peer review by national and international scholars owing strong research background and expertise in their respective areas.  The published articles are intended for the provision of enriched resources to local, regional as well as international readers to enhance their knowledge and concepts. The Journal welcomes contributions from all corners of the world.


    International Journal of Psychological and Behavioural Research (IJPBR) is double-blind peer- reviewed and open access research journal of international outlook. The IJPBR is biannual research Journal published from Women University Mardan, KP-Pakistan since 2021 and is recognized by HEC in Y category in the year 2022.


    The journal FAHM-I-ISLAM (JFII), a referred and internationally indexed journal of the Department of Islamic Studies, Women University, Mardan. It is double- blind peer reviewed open access and a multi-dimensional journal of international outlook in Islamic Sciences.

    Its full name denotes a variety of significant characteristics of such like sacred journal "FAHM-I-ISLAM" as given below: 

    F- Stands for Felicitous which means:          (Well chosen)

    A-Stands for Advantageous which means:   (Fruitful/Beneficial)

    H- Stands for Harmonious which means:     (Sweet sounding/uniformed)

    M-stands for Marvel which means:               (Pleasingly combined)

    I-stands for Imprint which means:                 (Making impression)

    I-stands for Invincible which means:             (Un-beat able)

    S-stands for secure which means:               (Safe/protected)  

    L-stands for Liable which means:                 (Officially responsible)       

    A-stands for Admirable which means:          (Praise worthy)

    M-stands for Memorable which means:        (Time lasting)

    The Journal Fahm-i- Islam was launched in the year 2018 (in January) for the benefit of students, researchers and general public. Fahm-i-Islam is a journal being published biannually by the faculty of Islamic Studies, Women University Mardan Khyberpakhtunkhwa Pakistan with the approval of the competent authority.

  • Pakistan Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research

    Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research (PJHSSR) is double-blind peer- reviewed open access and a multidisciplinary academic research journal of international outlook. The PJHSSR is published biannually since 2018 from the Women University Mardan, KP-Pakistan.