Corroboration of Hadith Hassan Legaeri considering Great Muhaddiseen’s Statements


  • Dr Hafiz Ahmad Saeed


Hujjiyat, Hasan Lighairihi, Fazail e Aamal, fabricated


This research paper primarily aims to describe the “Hujjiyat” (Validity and
Authority) of Hadith Hasan Lighairihi (Hasan due to others). According to the
reliability and memory of the Ravi’s (reporters or narrators), there are four types
of hadith, fourth is Hadith Hasan Lighairihi.If there are multiple chains of
narration of a Weak hadith, which compensate for its unreliability, then that
Hadith will be known as Hasan Lighairihi. Distinguish between the slightly weak
Hadeeth and those which are very weak or fabricated. According to Jamhoor
(Majority) Muhaddiseen Hasan Lighairihi is Hujjat (valid and authority) in Fazail
e Aamal as well as Ahkaam. According to the definitions of al-Tirmidhi and Ibn
al-Salah, several similar weak hadiths on a particular issue can be raised to the
degree of Hasan if the weakness found in their reporters is of a mild nature. Such a
hadith is known as Hasan Lighairihi (Hasan due to others) However, in case the
weakness is shadeed (severe) e.g., the reporter is accused of lying, such very weak
hadiths will not support each other and will remain weak. Imam al-Tirmidhi has
mentioned a Hadith in his Sunan, in the chain of narration of Imam al-Tirmidhi,
there is Ravi (narrator) “Aasim” about whom Imam ibn Hajar Asqalani has written
Aasim is Daeef (weak) and unreliable, (the doaf of soo ul hifz found in Aasim).
Although Imam al-Tirmidhi and Hafiz ibn Hajar clearly mentioned that this
Hadith raised to the degree of Hasan Lighairihi due to multiple chains of narration
of this slightly weak Hadith.