A Research Overview of “Sirat Nigari” in Malakand Division


  • Nisar Ahmad


Sirah, Sirah writings, Malakand Division, Islamic scholars.


“Sirah” is an Arabic word which literally means to travel, or manner,
behavior, and character. In Islamic literature, “Sirah” is a science which
deals with the biography of prophet Muhammad (SAW). In the early era
of Islam, Sahaba Kiram began to compile the science of “Sirah” to
reserve the details of prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s life. According to Dr.
Mustafa Aazami, Urwa ibni Zubair was first to write book on “Sirah”
and according to Haji Khalifa, Muhmmad ibni ishaq was first to write
book on “Sirah”. Nevertheless, after those Muslim scholars started to
write books on “Sirah” in different regions of the world in many
languages. According to a survey, more than ten thousand books have
been authored in fifty languages in the different parts of the world till
now. Likewise of the other region of the world, the Scholars of Malakand
Division have also authored many books in “Sirah”. In this article,
efforts are being made to present the contributions of those Islamic
scholars of Malakand Division, who have authored books in the science
of “Sirah”. So 16 books have been discussed in this article, in order to
highlight the services of the prophet’s biography in this region.