• Samreena Gulzar


A person's personality, qualities, characteristics, and distinctiveness, among
other things, is represented by name. The names are counted in the indications
of Islam and in this regard Islamic law has given complete guidance and
regulation. Knowledge of the names and attributes of God Almighty is the most
noble of the Shariah sciences. Various names are associated to the most
prominent personalities and holy figures. Allah’s names are the most beautiful
names signifying his greatness and infinity. Prophet (PBUH) is the paramount
and most distinguished person in human history, and his blessed names reflect
his qualities and character. Purpose of this study is to become further associated
with Allah and his Prophet by learning their names and holy titles, as well as
relating one’s life with these names to get excellence in our endeavors.
Moreover, research goal is to explore common names of Allah Almighty and his
Prophet to know more about their titles as they reflect their boundless and
countless tributes and traits. The study will analyze and discuss significance of
common names of Allah and Prophet (PBUH) in the light of seerah, especially,
the life of Prophet (PBUH) before Hijrah (Life in Makkah).