Ibn Muhysin Al-Makki and some examples from his odd readings (QIRAAT SHADHAH) with its guidance from Arabic language


  • Zahida Rabbani


Al Imam Ibn e Muhysin Almakki, Al qiraat AL shadhah


No doubt that reading the biographies of pious and honorable Imams from Hadith
scholars and readers has many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is that it
educates and civilizes souls. Imam Ibn Muhysin Al makki is one of those who can
be imitated, may Allah be pleased with him, He was the most knowledgeable
among the readers of Makka in grammars and Arabic language. He also had a
choice in reading as he get it from the companions, peace be upon them, but his
QIRAAT is now considered unusual and odd (SHADHAH) due to its irregularity
among other readings (lack of TAWAATUR), So he became one of the four
Imams with the considered unusual and odd readings: AL-HASAN AL-BASRI
(died: 110 AH), IBN MUHAISIN AL-MAKKI (died: 123 AH), AL-A’MASH
AL-KUFI (died: 148 AH), and Yahya al-Yazidi (died: 202 AH), their readings
have been transmitted with authentic chains of transmission and were written
down in specific books over centuries. Aldhabi considered him among the elite
scholars of the readings.
This is Imam Ibn e Muhysin Almakki.This is an abstract article in which I
introduced the Imam with the summary of his biography as well as the bullets of
those who narrated his readings from him, and then I mentioned some of the
examples of his unusual and odd readings that contradicted the frequent readings
(QIRAAT MOTAWATIRAH), with a mention of its guidance from Arabic
language by referring to the original bases. The summary consists of an
introduction and three chapters.


Author Biography

Zahida Rabbani