Illustrating The Life Abd Al-Aziz Al-Firharvi with Emendation from A "History and Biography Books; The Light of PhD, M.Phil. Thesis’ "Critical Study


  • Asad Mahmood


Allama Abdul Aziz Al-Firharvi,History,Biography.


Abdul Aziz Al-Firharvi[1206 AH-1239 AH] was a broad-minded scholar
of indo-pak who, with his erudition, revived many extinct intellectual
sciences and metaphysics.He is counted among the influential
personalities of the thirteenth century AH who were absorbed in the
whirlpool of time and then sometime later on the human psychological
nature began to introduce the works of the great scholar to the society
and their writings were brought to the level of PhD and M.Phil on
research basis with limited sources of that time. However, the
introduction of his personal life to the society was not clear due to
limited resources and the material became chaotic. And as a result, his
personality could not be introduced to the Arabs and non-Arabs with the
abundance of modern resources. So, this article is an attempt to make the
personality of Abdul Aziz Firharvi known to the society by using modern
resources, which will clearly bring out the personal and intellectual
personality of Allama Abdul Aziz not only in Arab but also in the world
and it will also inspire the researchers to explore his writings.