Time And Its Relationship with Arabic Poetry


  • Asad Mahmood


Philosophical schools, existence and annihilation, coloration of human experiences.


Different people had their times and their own thoughts about time in
their eras. Some thought that time relates to the changes that occur in the
world and the life within the earth, some thought that it was a Devin
power and so on. Philosophical schools began the search for time and
eternity, between movement, change, existence and annihilation, and the
questions whether it is real or unreal time, perceived or imaginary...?
There are two types of time, the physical time, and the subjective time.
The first one includes the movement of the planets, night and day, hour
etc. As for the other, it is the one that deals with the human experiences
by which literature is concerned and recites the coloration of human
experiences. Different people of different eras had thought about time,
some saw that time only consists of the past and the future ignoring the
existence of the present, some thought only of the past and the present
excluding the future and so on. Some people connected the time with the
problems that a human suffers from, some connected it with the changes
that occurs around him, some with the changes that occurs in his soul etc.
Time has three pillars which includes the past, the present and the future.
It is right that these three times are connected, you did then you are
doing, and, in the end, you will be doing. The poets use the time
according to what suits their poems, sometimes they make it so long to
express the heavy and sad moments they lived and suffered from in an
emotional and beautiful way while other they make it short to indicate
the happy times and the moment they had in that time in a beautiful and
cheering way.