Quranic Stories and Parablesin in Character building


  • Dr Lubna Farah


Stories, Quran, purposes and traits, Knowledge.


This paper study the role of Quranic stories and parablesin in building
characters. The stories and parables have very long history in people’s
lives throughout the history, the old and even current individuals utilize
these methods and messages in various shapes and examples including
orally or illustrations, to convey the message of old generation to
younger people, to maintain traditions, customs and create understanding
among the youth. The current article tries to focus on role and the
importance of Quranic stories characteristics and its moralistic impacts
on the human. Quranic stories, Quranic stories, go against to individuals'
stories, partake in certain qualities as being godly, having suitable
contents, being articulate and clearly expressed, monitoring what will be
said about the narratives in which there are the obvious and secret
focuses. The Quranic stories and anecdotes carry numerous purposes
such as to serve as sample, to explain the facts, to cause thinking,
awareness and learning, the recognition of these messages as stories and
tales in the Quran and heavenly messages have some instructional
impacts like utilizing firm thinking for utilizing by humans for thinking,
feelings for reinforcing and reasoning, for strengthening the emotional
dimension of individuals behaviors aspect, which has been studies in the
paper. The Article highlighted a detailed charter which the Quran has
given in connection with each aspect of human personality as there is a
verse or more in the Quran which guides a person for each conduct of his
life. The research follows descriptive, analytical methods, that after
looking in the Islamic resources especially the Holy Quran.