A linguistic Approach to prose writing form the pre-Islamic Era to the Ayyubid Era


  • Dr Haris


Inspirations, Rhetoric, Ayyubid Era, Pre-Islamic, Cultural Stagnation


There is perhaps no other literature so closely allied to the history of its
people as is that of the Arabs. The monotony of nomadic life, the rise of
Islam, the Arab conquests, the imperial luxury of early Abbasids, the
interaction and cross fertilization with other civilizations (notably in
Spain), the decline and overthrow of the Caliphate, the period of cultural
stagnation, the reactions and inspirations owing to the colonial
encounter, and the eventual reawakening of the Arab world to form the
vibrant independent states of today—these are all faithfully reflected in
Arabic literature particularly in prose writing. The structure of the Arabic
prose writing is well –suited to harmonious words-patterns, with
elaborate features of eloquence and rhetoric. This article presents a
linguistic approach to prose writing form the pre-Islamic era to Ayyubid
era. The method used for this research was deductive, analytical, and
applied. The purpose of this study is to highlight the characteristic of
prose writing and literary style in different periods. This article found the
excellent examples & results in this regard.