Importance of Social Support and Subjective Well-Being with Mediating Effect of Happiness amongst University Students during COVID-19


  • Rukhsar University of Peshawar
  • Mohsin Bin Iqbal University of Peshawar
  • Summiya Ahmad University of Peshawar


Social support, subjective well-being, happiness, mediation analysis, university students


This study focused on the relationship of social support with happiness and
subjective well-being of university students during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Primary data was used to acquire the objectives of the study and online
forms were used to collect data from a sample of 200 students. The results
revealed a positive correlation between social support & happiness
(r = .58, p < .01) and subjective well-being (r=.64, p< .01) and also a
positive correlation between happiness and subjective well-being (r=.59,
p< .01). The differences between males and females in this regard were
also significant with females scoring higher on all variables. Additionally,
as the findings suggest that social support, particularly from family,
friends, and significant others, can play an important role in promoting
happiness and subjective well-being among university students during
times of crisis it can lead to the strengthening of support networks and also
help academic authorities pay special attention to the needs of the students.