The Role of Belt and Road Initiative in Global Governance


  • Sahibzada Muhammad Usman University of Pisa



Leadership, International System, BRI, Global Governance, and China


China's BRI provides a major impetus for promoting global governance transformation:

  1. The BRI heightens awareness of the need to establish a community of shared destiny for humanity and advances the development of epistemology in global governance.
  2. It provides more sustainable global public goods, thus raising the bar for global governance's ethical norms.
  3. The BRI blends top-down and bottom-up methods to global governance to promote voluntary action.
  4. The BRI builds on China's own experience combining reform, development, and stability, thus balancing the security, ecological, social, and economic aspects of global governance and fostering shared growth among nations and areas along the routes.

I will identify by using an analytical review that Is the BRI a significant instrument for seeking after the energetic global authority of China? It inferred that generally, the BRI had been a successful tool in China's long quest for global governance leadership, yet extra efforts are required to handle risks and challenges.