Predicting Pathways of Grit among undergraduate students


  • Hayat Mohammad University of Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Summiya Ahmad
  • Nosheen Iffat Zohra



Psychological Grit, Wellbeing, Resilience, Hope, Undergraduates


The present research examines how the presence of psychological wellbeing, resilience, hope, subjective happiness, and meaning in life can increase psychological grit in 482 undergraduate students. To test this model, positive psychology factors are used as a predictor of psychological grit. Positive psychology factors influence the passion and perseverance of the undergraduate students of the university to achieve their short- and long-term goals. To gather information from the participants, we used the grit scale, Ryff psychological wellness scale, brief resilience scale, purpose in life scale, subjective happiness scale, and hope scale. The variables in the studies were calculated using correlation and regression analysis. Psychological well-being and resilience were found to be important predictors of psychological grit in the study. The findings of the study have implications for counsellors, planners, and politicians who must consider all of the variables that predict and increase grit in university students.