Teachers’ Preparedness about Infusion of Social Skills among Secondary Level Students

A case of Secondary School Teachers of District Lasbela


  • Shahzad Haider Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences
  • Muhammad Yousuf Sharjeel SZABIST, Karachi
  • Mahmood Ahmed Dool Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur




Infusion, social skills, strategies, students, secondary level


The present study evaluates teacher’s preparedness towards infusion of social skills among students at secondary level in District Lasbela. The study was carried out by using Qualitative research methodology. Within this framework, descriptive survey research methods are used. A total of 38 secondary school teachers (28 males and 10 females) using criterion sampling were approached to collect data. Open Ended questionnaire containing 2 questions was distributed among the participants.  Analysis and findings of the study showed that teachers are aware of the importance of infusion of social skills among students and for the purpose of infusing these skills, they use a variety of strategies and methods in their classrooms such as role modelling, co-curricular activities, storytelling etc. This study suggested that for development of social skills of the students, school should create a supporting environment by conducting co-curricular activities on regular basis. Institutions should organize motivational lectures to facilitate students to develop their social skills. Teachers should act exemplary to infuse these skills among students.