Meme as a tool of Social and Political Commentary

Discourse Analysis of Memes in Pakistani Social Media


  • Dr Shabbir Ahmad University of Sahiwal
  • Mashaal University of Sahiwal,Pakistan
  • Babar


Internet,memes,critical discourse analysis, Pakistani social media,social and political commentary


This research is based on the critical discourse analysis of memes in Pakistani social media to reveal the hidden meanings and messages behind them. It analyzes how memes can be used as a form of social and political commentary and how they reflect society. Memes are an interesting phenomenon in the modern digital world. A meme is a simple way to convey a particular message as a form of funny illustration and visualization. Some memes are intended just to be funny, while others have additional meaning or purpose. Memes are taken randomly from the internet and then analyzed using critical discourse analysis. Discourse is the use of  language or a communicating  image within a certain context for a specific purpose. The theoretical framework is multimodal.Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis is the systematic integration of linguistic and visual aids to contribute some particular socially perceived contextual meaning(Kress 2009). Through this research work, the readers will get critical ideas to recognize the hidden meanings and messages behind memes in this modern digital world. It also discusses the functions of memes in making or changing someone’s perspectives.  This research will also help the upcoming researchers to examine how memes reflect our society and how they are used as a tool engaged in civic discourse.

Author Biographies

Mashaal, University of Sahiwal,Pakistan

Research Assistant,Department of English,University of Sahiwal


Assistant Professor, Department of English,Gift Uiversity, Gujranwala