Prevalence of Depression, Death Anxiety and Coping Strategies used by victims and beholders of Army Public School Peshawar.


  • Dr.Saima Parwez Shaheed Benazir Bhutto women university Peshawar
  • Rabia Naz



Terrorism, Depression, Death anxiety, Problem Focused coping Strategies, Emotion Focused coping strategies, Victims, Beholders


The study main aim was to examine psychological  effect of terrorism i.e. depression and death anxiety and used of coping strategies  i.e emotion and problem focused coping  among the students of army public school. Sample was comprised of 400 students age range 13 – 19 out of which 200 were victims and 200 were beholders. Through convenient  sampling technique data was collected. Beck Depression scale (Aron, T, Beck, 1961) , Death anxiety scale(Donald Templer,1970) and Coping inventory(Carver,1989) were used to measure their level of depression, death anxiety and coping strategies they use.  Findings indicate that scales were internally consistent and reliable. Moreover, result of the study shows that victims scored high on depression and death anxiety scale in comparison of beholders. Victims utilized emotion focused coping techniques  to tackle depression and death anxiety while beholders used problem focused coping techniques to overcome depression and death anxiety.