Explaining the Minutes of Philosophy and Revealing its Symbols with the Arguments of Conclusive Legitimacy in the Light of AlTamez by Allama Abdulaziz


  • Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Rana rana B.Z.U Multan




‘Abdul-‘Az?z Parh?rv?, Al-tamy?z, Philosophy, Philosophers, Kufr, Fatawa, Quran, Sunnah


This article aims at to explore the philosophical approach and methods used by ‘Abdul-‘Az?z Parh?rv? in his valuable manuscript Al-tamy?z which dealt with the philosophers  and jurists differences about the interpretation of philosophy from Quran and Sunnah.  ‘Abdul-‘Az?z Parh?rv? was the famous Muslim scholar of British India in all over the world. He was adept in all Islamic sciences, but he is regarded as one of the greatest ever mutakalim born in the land of Indo-Pak.  In this manuscript, he described the mistakes of jurist who issued fat?wa of kufr about philosophers and asked them to correct their fat?wa. He not only corrected their mistakes but also guided them the right path of Quran and Sunnah and defined them that as a whole philosophy and philosophers are not against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Besides, this he forbade them to issue the fatawas of kufr instantly because it is very sensitive issue. In this article the role of ‘Abdul-‘Az?z Parh?rv? for correcting the beliefs and deeds of the Islamic Scholars about philosophy and philosophers and misconceptions about philosophy have been focused. In the perspective of the current situation faced by our country, it is quite necessary for our society to attain the light from the teachings of the ‘Abdul-‘Az?z Parh?rv? to resolve these issues.