Allama Tamanna Imadi objections in the attribution of “Musnad Ahmad” to Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (Critical Research Study


  • Dr. Muhammad Saeed Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad



Musnad Ahmad, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Allama Tamanna Imadi, Objections.


This research article studies the objections of Allama Tamanna Imadi in the attribution of “Musnad Ahmad” to Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and that its narrators are unreliable. He denies the authenticity of Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, which is the largest collection of hadiths of the Holy Prophet Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. He has raised some objections from which the first objection is that: the attribution of “Musnad Ahmad” to Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal is not correct because this book was presented by few conspirators as an alternate of the Holy Quran after the death of Imam Ahmad, for keeping agreed to the followers of various sects and school of the thoughts Muslim community. In addition, Tamanna Imadi has tried to prove that all the narrators of this book are unknown and unreliable having no sufficient value in the views of the scholars of Ilm ur Rijaal and Hadith and its sciences. In this research paper, we had tried to analyze critically the objections raised by Tamana Imadi in the light of the saying of prominent Scholars, Muhaditheen and experts of Hadith and Ilm ur Rijaal through which the actual situation of his objections has been exposed which is, that Musnad Ahmad is the book of Imam Ahmad and his narrators are reliable authentic.