The Teachings of Syed Ali Hujwiri and Contemporary era


  • Dr Muhammad Tahir Abdul wali khan University Mardan



Teachings, values, spirituals


             There are few great people in history whose contributions and achievements are continuously alive in the heart of this great and honest people is Syed Ali bin Usman Hujwiri, who starts his mission of preaching Islam’s true message from Lahore, when he migrated from hijwair. He wrote many useful books on the spirituals life of Islam, but unfortunately, these are lost. Although the KASHF-UL-MAHJOB is still alive in history and people gain light from it.                                                                            

             Syed Hujwiri discusses in detail the nature of human being in his teachings, according to him human are two types by nature one who accept the teachings and message of Islam by its own will and other who don’t accept the message of Islam. The second type of people opposes Islam. According to him, there are very necessary to reforms our spirituals institutions by different aspects e.g. the criteria of the head of institutions (sofi) and his followers must be checked. The institutions based on education and studies. Society needs to learn necessary skills which help Sharia’s objectives. There are differences in manners and rams. He also explains the terminologies of Tasuwf. Tasuwf is the second name of good and high values. Those who are high in morality actually are high in Tasuwf.                                                                                              

             In this article, I write the main theme about the teachings of Syed Ali Hujwiri(RA) and their importance and the contemporary era.