An Analytical Study of Scientific Exegesis Based on the Transformation of the Skin During the Torment in the Light of Scientific Exegesis of Zaghlul Al-Najjar and Sultan Bashir Mahmood


  • Muhammad Saqib HITEC University Taxila



Analytical Study, Exegesis,Sultan Bashir Mahmood ,Zaghloo Al-Najjar, Transformation of the Skin


In the Holy Qur'an, Allah Almighty informed the human beings about
transformation of the skin during the torment on the Day of Judgment about
1400 years ago. Therefore, some contemporary scholars of the Qur'an and
science has scientifically interpreted some verses related to the transformation of
the skin. This article analyzes the scientific Exegesis of Dr. Zaghlool Raghib
Muhammad Al-Najjar and Sultan Bashir Mahmood transformation of the skin
of the torment on the Day of Judgment. This article covers five topics including
literal explanation of The Quranic word Nadaj and Sallee in the first section,
the opinions of the majority of Exegetists )Mufassireen( regarding the related
The verse in the second, scientific exegesis of Zaghlul al-Najjar in the third,
scientific exegesis of Sultan Basheer Mahmood in the fourth, and analytical
study in the fifth. In the analytical study, Zaghlul Al-Najjar and Sultan Bashir
Mahmood's collection of verses in scientific exegesis on the subject of
transformation of the skin during the torment on the Day of Judgment,
argumentation from Hadith and Commentators, differences and similarities in
the interpretations of the two scientific Commentators, the views of the
contemporary scholars of the Holy Quran & Modern Science about the subject
and the objectives mentioned in the related Verse have been analytical analyzes
in the given article.