Creativity and Tradition in the Introduction to Love Poetry for the Poets of the Sham in the Ottoman Era


  • Ghassan Abdulmajeed Abdulmajeed Halab Syria



love introductions, creativity, thought, imitation.


This research deals with an analytical study of the flirtatious introductions that
came in the view of the praise poems that spread widely in the Ottoman era,
where this study attempts to monitor the aspects of creativity and the status of
poetic thought among some poets of the Levant in dealing with a broad poetic
the purpose is spinning, and how these poets benefited From the experiences of the
ex throughout the ages and adding what is related to the spirit of their times on
the one hand, and their personal perception about the issues of spinning and
women and what they feel on the other hand, and this study relied on the
an analytical method that helps in clarifying the tradition and creativity in these