Arabic Proverbs and Challenges in Translating them into English


  • Lubna Khan NUML



Idioms, translation, difficulties, strategies.


Proverbs and fixed expression are the mirrors that reflect people’s nature and the resume of what they have experienced. Proverbs are part of metaphorical language that has superficial as well as deep sense. They are forms of speech or an expression, it can’t understand by individual meaning. The role of culture is important in the target language. These proverbs have been written briefly in small sentences to narrate long stories that are the main bey to understand human culture and social reality. Therefore, translating proverbs are more difficult for the translator, who are not familiar with them. The variations in cultures make the translation process a real challenge. Every proverb there are links and characters associated with it, where the translator had to look for the synonym identical to proverb similar in meaning and composition.