An Analytical Study of Muslim Jurists’ Opinion Regarding Sunnah


  • DR. Shabbir Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University AJ&K



Analytical, classification, Jurists, khabar, linguists, Sunnah


Islam is such a comprehensive, all-inclusive, and basically a socialist religion, which has declared, it is as obligatory to achieve what the society needs, and the factors which can be a barrier to social development are forbidden and affixed as Haram (illegal) by Islam. In this regard after Holy Quran, Sunnah is the key to solve the problems of Muslim Ummah, which opens the door for humanity to look on that how can the obligations and prohibitions occurring in each age and time be resolved. As for, the analytical work of Sunnah literature is concerned it is a very high contribution in the field of Hadith and in this article titled ?An analytical study of Muslim Jurist‘s opinion regarding Sunnah?, it has been reviewed on that how the Sunnah has ever been a valuable and perpetual attraction from the beginning in Islamic law, due to different aspects. The term Sunnah, which is denoted as ???????? ???????) a fixed way) applied by the prophet as a legal term what HE??? ???? ???? ????said did and agreed to. It is however used to donate any of the above-correlated meanings irrespective of whether the way of life custom and conduct are merely acceptable, commendable, or detestable and unacceptable ones. Exemplifying the polarizing usage of the prophetic tradition reads: ?whoever initiates (or revives) a meritorious Sunnah, within the framework of Islam shall in addition to rewarding of intimating that particular Sunnah is endowed with the reward those who would follow his example until the day of resurrection without this diminishing in the least from their sins.?In spite of the fact that the term Sunnah is technically used to contribute both good and bad conduct, it is commonly used in the context of good and acceptable ways. However, this study has also been focused on the road map and guidelines for the Muslim community as a whole and for Jurists as very essential.