The Trend of Pastism in the poetry of Nazir Tabassum


  • Dr. Raheela Khursid


Nostalgia is a Psychological term. In the past it was considered as an illness,
but in the present era past is considered as a metaphor for pleasant moments
along with the unpleasant memories. Nostalgia may or may not also be known
as home sickness. Expressing human emotions can be effectively done
through poetry. Poet uses such words in his poetry that provides a compelling
reason for catharsis on emotional level. In the inner world of human beings
emotions and feelings that tend to arouse are depicted through poetry as
having strong ties with the past. William Wordsworth opines that the relation
of poetry with emotions is established through the reference of past .in the
poetry of Nazir Tabassum ,impact of Past Experiences on human life and
psyche has gained enough prominence .It is not an exaggeration to say that he
,in fact , colours past pictures with the hues of present.