Aspects of the Unconscious Mind in the Fictional Collection "An Kahi


  • Dr Nasreen Ameen


In psychology, there are three parts of the mind that interact together to form behavior and personality of an individual. These are Conscious, unconscious and subconscious. Consciousness is related to awareness and is Submissive to psychology that directly affects the actions, words and character of an individual. It is not possible to directly acknowledge everything from unconsciousness. They are those memories of mind, which usually exists in the intellect of a person as an urge or desires but they do not come up in practical life until they are faced by movement or after getting a hint about it. While  sub-consciousness is the intermediate level between consciousness and unconsciousness. It consists of anything that can potentially be brought into the conscious mind with a little effort.

Mumtaz Mufti  (famous fiction writer) who has left nine fictional collections in his literary life. “Ankahi” is the first fiction collection of Mumtaz Mufti which was published in 1943. It contains seventeen stories in which he tried to express some aspects of the unconscious mind. In this article, the writer has tried to explore many aspects of the unconsciousness.