The Praise of Holy Prophet in Anwar Masood’s Natiya Poetry


  • Dr Anwar Ali


Compared to other genres of poetry, writing Naat is a difficult art. The genre of Naat has been described as walking on the edge of a sword. Sometimes in poetry, the glory of the Prophet is exaggerated to such an extent that the Prophet is raised from the level of Creation and brought to the place of the Creator. There have been many good Naat poets in Urdu and still there is no shortage of such poets who keep this difference in mind and are well aware of the requirements of Naat. One of these poets is Anwar Masood. Although Anwar Masood is mainly a satirical and humorous poet, but during the Hajj pilgrimage in 1994, he got the opportunity to write Hamd, Naat, Munqabat and Salaam in Urdu, Farsi and Punjabi. He published this entire poetry in Urdu, Persian and Punjabi Under the name of "Bariyab’’. Although this collection includes some examples of Hamds and Salams, but most of it consists of Natiya poetry.In "Bariyab", he has praised and described Nabi's splendor, glory, beauty, appearance and character in a charming manner.He has tried to handle the difficult art like Naat so successfully and gracefully that his Naatiya poetry has become a cause of growth in Naatiya poetry of Urdu and has become of great importance.On this basis, his collection "Bariyab" can be considered as an addition to the known collection of Urdu literature. In this paper, a research and critical review of Naatiya poetry included in the above collection of Anwar Masood has been done.