Analysis of Novel zino in the mirror of magical realism


  • Fazal kabir


Waheed Ahmad is one of the significant Urdu novel writers. The theme, writing–
style and structure of his novel زینو, are in complete accord with the map of contemporary
fiction that enkindle the affinity of Waheed Ahmad in scenario of Urdu Novel. Putting
aside the writing style and theme of this novel, the story has been written in the mirror of
"Magical Realism". In fact, it is the "Magical Realism" that is called "Language of
Colonial World", where the obscured facts of life are fore–seen in a mysterious way. The
structure of Magical Realism comprises many elements. For instance, it includes the
admixture of factual and imaginary world; writer describes his own judgment of time in
story; plot of novel shows labyrinth; dreams in story overlay its outline; and the picture of fiction is produced with meticulous knowledge of God, Goddess and Djinn. Despite this,
reader heads forward with mystery, because writer describes his life's impregnable facts
in preternatural colors; the writer trusts his readers to the extent that he leaves
intentionally few things ambiguous and expects his reader to have a word on it.
All the aforementioned elements of Magical Realism have been sought in زینو and
through reference from the text of the novel; these elements have been described in
detail. Thus it can be concluded that the novel of Waheed Ahmad has been written in
mode of Magical Realism.