An analytical review of The role of Pakistani poets in the reconstruction of Urdu Ghazal


  • Mohsan Khalid Mohsan


Urdu ghazals are read, heard, sung and written in most of the countries of the world,
apart from the Indian subcontinent. The distinction of this genre is that it can best express
the entire situation, from human life to death. Thousands of poets, from Wali Dikni to
Mirza Dagh, have spent their lives and blood in its upbringing. After the partition of the
subcontinent, interest in this genre still persists on both sides of the border. While great
work has been done in the evolution of Urdu ghazals in India, hundreds of poets have
contributed to the evolution of this genre in Pakistan and have successfully continued its
evolutionary journey. This paper covers the role of Pakistani poets in the evolution of
modern Urdu. The words and themes of these selected poets will help in understanding
the evolutionary journey of Urdu ghazals. This paper is based on the selection and
analysis of poets from Nasir Kazmi to Ahmad Abdullah from the post-partition period to the second decade of the 21st century