Contribution of Urdu’s ancient office documents in promotion of Urdu


  • Dr kiran Dawood


Urdu was official language that's why it was indispensable for themasses to learn it. All
the institutions of the government were bound to practice Urdu in their respective offices.
Slowly and gradually, that led Urdu to become public need. Urdu prose not only in
Balochistan but also in India strengthened its roots. The official documents of Urdu
introduced new style and played vital role in Urdu dictionary. Old official documents in
Balochistan which are not direct part of Urdu literature or the judicial documents which
have specific technical patterns of expatiating worked as raw material and assisted the
fiction of Balochistan in forming tales, stories, characters and plots later. These
documents have served and become helping hand in the prose of Balochistan literature