A Thematic Study of the novel “Tarang”


  • Dr Abid Saleem


Abul Fazal Siddiqui’s novel “Tarang” was published in 1989. Due to its
unique theme and style, “Tarang” is a significant addition to the Urdu
novel history. The effects caused by the use of narcotics with all of its
minute details on human life are a part the story. It’s an essential novel for
depicting the pure rural society. The economic reflection of the rural
society is another theme of the novel, “Tarang”. The central idea of the
novel is that how a middle-class family is financially devastated by getting
addicted to drugs. One of the motifs of the novel is about the economy of
the human beings. The social relations presented in “Tarang” are also of
enormous significance. This novel revolves around rural society and the
social life of Sikhs of the united Punjab which reflects the social and
economic life of India by telling the story of Chauhangarh’s Thakur
Shivraj Singh and his only son Thakur Harpal Singh.