An Analytical study of AghaGul's Novel Bela


  • Farzan khadarzai


Agha Gull painted the civilization and culture of Balochistan in his fiction.He
wrote four novels.Bella regarding the layout of the second novel.Novel was the source of
the world’s schlorship with the traditional science regarding the label.In the novel ,it was
a new linguistic experience.The fact that this narrative statement describes the traditional
romance story,but indeed reflects the economic,social and educational equality of the
Balochistan.The reformative aspest of this novel is to shape the character of the young
generation by taking them out of sentimentality and ambivalence.In order of eradicate
ignorance they have to be trained by attracting them towards eduction.Through this
novel,Agha Gul has highlighted the social and societal tragedies spread around in an
intangible way.In this novel, the civilization and culture of Balochistan is also present in
the features of a travelogue.The reader enjoys the travelogue while reading it.