The Importance of Personal Diaries in Literary Research


  • Dr. Irfan Pasha


Literary research is much like a subsidiary of documentary research. For research in
classical literature, one must go for researching many sources. Personal Diaries are
considered a very important source in this regard. The ample use of this source can make
it better and more authentic. Especially in research on classical literature, the role of these
Personal Diaries can't be denied. This article clarifies how and how much these Personal
Diaries can help a researcher. Where the researcher loses his way, this source shows him
the light to the right path and so his journey continues. Although the authenticity of these
Personal Diaries is not much in the absence of more authentic sources there is no other
way to get rid of it .The Personal Diaries of the poets are a very important source of old
literature, especially its importance can't be denied as far as the classical Urdu poetry is