The introduction of Imam Abd ul-Wahab al-Sh’rani and his methodology in “al-Mizan al-Kubra


  • Muhammad Zeb Khan


This research paper tells us about the methodology “The introduction of Imam Abd ul-Wahab al-Sh’rani and his methodology in “al-Mizan al-Kubra” and how he created the scale “al-Mizan” for the division of juristic opinions in Regid and Concession. According to Imam al-Wahab al-Sh’rani, most Islamic injunctions come under these two categories but there are some cases which do not come under these two due to unified juristic opinion. Also, there are some problems with having more than two vies which results in the inclusion of one in rigidity and the other in concession. These two cases are related to only analogical problems, not to the principles of Islamic Shariah. The Mizan highlights that the views of all Muslim jurists on any problem are correct and the public has the right to adopt any one of them. The disagreement among some scholars is due to infidelity with the source from where they narrate the problem. According to al-Sh’rani based on their physical and religious conditions the people can also be divided into two categories Rigidity and Concession. A person who has the ability for rigidity cannot be allowed for concession but the reversed person is allowed to do so. In the end, we can say that the benefit of this Mizan is that it prevents every person not to negating jurists belonging to different fiqh. And hence to make every person a candidate for intercession on judgment day in front of Allah.