Style and Methodology of Book “Niamat al-Wadud” by Abdul-Mustafa Muhammad Mujahid: An Analytical Study


  • Abdur Rahman


Niamat al-Wadud is a useful and impotarnt interpretation of the famous and authentic book "Sunan Abi Dawood" which is written by Abdul Mustafa Muhammad Mujahid, a scholar of Muzaffar Garh District Punjab. This book is very popular in District Lower Dir especially and in the whole of Pakistan in general among students and scholars, because this is comprehensive and very useful interpretation of Hadih. The Author brings contemporary fatwas in many places of this book He mentions the entire translation and takes special care of the translation. In this research paper, we will present the introduction of the author and the book, as well as analyze its style and methodology, so that it will be easier for those who read it and research it.