Comparative Study of Islamic and Western Marriage Systems and Their Impact on Society


  • Muneeba Rahman


This research paper comprises a "Comparative Study of Islamic and Western Marriage Systems and Their Impact on Society." Historically, marriage has been a significant social relationship in almost every era and among every nation, symbolizing elements like love, stability, and social harmony. Since Islam is a universal religion and a complete code of life, it provides guidance on all aspects of human life. Marriage is one of the most crucial aspects of human life, essential for the continuity of the human race, and thus, Islam offers comprehensive guidance on marriage. Islamic law emphasizes marriage over monasticism and celibacy. It is also a natural necessity because, since the day Allah created the universe and humans, this need has been felt and has existed in some form in every nation and era. Consequently, when Allah created Prophet Adam, He created his partner, Eve, for his comfort. In Islamic law, marriage is an act that not only fulfills natural sexual desires but is also considered an act of worship. This is the practice of all the prophets. Generally, in the West, marriage is a sacred and legal relationship that involves mutual consent and family approval. To formalize a marriage, mutual consent of both the man and the woman is necessary. However, due to the women's liberation movement in Western societies, people often prefer partnerships based on mutual consent over long-term marriages. These are usually considered alternatives or equivalents to marriage, where sexual relationships are established without being bound in a formal relationship. This is commonly referred to as a partnership or live-in relationship, where two individuals manage their lives according to mutual agreements and social standards without formal marriage. Islamic law considers chastity, fidelity, affection, and mercy as the purposes of marriage. In contrast, the Western system, devoid of moral values, has crippled not only individual but also collective life. The family system is disintegrating and is plagued by sexual promiscuity. The traditional parental system is nearing its end. Additionally, due to the prevalence of free sexual relations in the West, prostitution has become an industry. The rise in adultery, fornication, and homosexuality has led to an increase in venereal diseases (such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS), engulfing the entire West. The current suffering of Western families is extremely cautionary.