Network Marketing A Research Study in Context of Islamic Shariah


  • Muhammad Umair Shafi


Islam guides comprehensively regarding the economy, an essential aspect of
human life, so every human being becomes aware of legal and illegal
implications before getting his sustenance. However, some commercial
practices have flourished in society over time, which are doubtful according
to Islamic jurisprudence. People are getting involved due to ignorance and
sometimes due to greed. A similar type of business is Network Marketing. In
this system, an individual, having become a company member, persuades
others to become its members. Many jurists have declared this type of trade
illegitimate and undesirable based on corruption, interest, uncertainty,
bribery and fraud. This article discusses the origin, types and practices
adopted by the companies involved in such business. Initially, thorough
research is presented on the introduction and development of network
marketing. Later, various types of network marketing and their details are
elaborated. Subsequently, a detailed overview and in-depth analysis of
network marketing is presented, highlighting several illegitimate elements in
this process, such as bribery, gambling, embezzling and fraudulent, hurting a
believer and many Shariah aspects of illegitimacy that do not only fall
against Islam but also against morality, honesty and economy of the country.
All this discussion is made with examples from the network marketing that
are in practice currently. In the end, the research concludes with a summary
of the entire research. The researchers also put forward some suggestions
about this marketing system. In the 21st century, like in every other field,
many developments are being made in the financial sector. Scholars are
responsible for endeavoring and presenting Islamic guidelines to protect
people from sins and fraud. In this connection, this article is a masterpiece
for the guidance of Muslim Ummah.