Metaphysical Impact of Concealed beings on Man: A Thematic Study in the light of the Qur’an


The two worlds were made by Allah swt the physically visible
world and the metaphysically invisible realm according to Muslim
Theology. The unseen ‘Al-Ghayb’ means the things that cannot be
perceived by the five senses or hidden or concealed from the human eye.
Some modern Muslim theologians have the misperceptions concerning
the ‘unseen creatures’ and their consequences or influences on humans
mentioned in Quran which guides that these ‘unseen creatures’ may lead
man towards the disturbance in the human nature as well as assistance
to the man which effects man’s life. To belief in ghayb is the central
element of Muslim’s belief. Invisible beings are made in the world
entities that are invisible to the human eye be present in a world that is
parallel to the physical world. The Qur'an and the literature of the
Hadiths both feature stories about these creatures. The present study's
focus is on determining whether the nature of invisible beings is good or
evil, as well as how they interact with the physical world. Unseen
creatures make people’s devastation and spoil their hearts and thoughts
too to ruin their selves. There are invisible creatures that contribute to
make man’s life and assist during the course of man’s life. The
importance of studying the invisible beings is such that Allah sw addressed its final revelation due to its significance and impact on
human beings.