About the Journal

The Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research (PJHSSR) stands as a beacon of academic rigor and multidisciplinary exploration within the scholarly landscape. Established as a bastion of knowledge dissemination, PJHSSR operates under the esteemed principles of double-blind peer review, ensuring the highest standards of scholarly integrity and credibility. With an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive academic community, PJHSSR proudly embraces an open-access model, thus democratizing access to knowledge and facilitating the free exchange of ideas on a global scale.

Since its inception in 2018, PJHSSR has served as a catalyst for intellectual discourse and scholarly inquiry, shaping the contours of academic dialogue in Pakistan and beyond. Published biannually, each issue of PJHSSR represents a convergence of diverse perspectives and methodologies, encapsulating the richness and dynamism of the humanities and social sciences. From groundbreaking research articles to insightful theoretical frameworks, PJHSSR showcases the breadth and depth of scholarly endeavors across various disciplinary boundaries.

Situated within the academic hub of the Women University Mardan in KP-Pakistan, PJHSSR draws upon the rich intellectual heritage of the region while embracing a global outlook. As a platform for both established scholars and emerging researchers, PJHSSR offers a fertile ground for intellectual growth and scholarly exchange, nurturing a vibrant community of thinkers and practitioners dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering social change.

In essence, PJHSSR epitomizes the ethos of academic excellence and intellectual engagement, embodying the transformative power of research in addressing the myriad challenges facing contemporary society. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, PJHSSR continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners alike, driving forward the frontiers of knowledge and contributing to the collective quest for a more equitable and enlightened world.