Authorship Criteria

The Journal of Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) adheres to stringent guidelines regarding authorship attribution to ensure integrity, fairness, and transparency in scholarly publishing. Our authorship criteria policy is founded on the following principles:

Substantial Contributions: Authors must have made significant and meaningful contributions to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the research study. Merely providing materials, facilities, or funding does not qualify for authorship unless accompanied by substantial intellectual contribution.

Order of Authorship: The order of authors should reflect their relative contributions to the research endeavor. Primary authors, who have contributed significantly to the conception and execution of the study, are listed first, followed by co-authors in descending order of their contributions.

Transparency and Accountability: Authors are required to provide a detailed statement delineating the specific contributions of each author to the research study. This ensures transparency and accountability in authorship attribution, facilitating the recognition of individual contributions.

Acknowledgment of Contributions: Individuals who have contributed to the research study but do not meet the criteria for authorship should be acknowledged appropriately in the manuscript. This includes individuals who provided technical assistance, data collection, or critical review of the manuscript.

Ethical Considerations: Authors must adhere to ethical standards in claiming authorship, avoiding any form of ghost or honorary authorship. Any disputes regarding authorship should be resolved through open communication and consensus among all involved parties.

Corresponding Author Responsibility: The corresponding author is responsible for coordinating communication with the journal, ensuring that all co-authors have reviewed and approved the final manuscript, and addressing any queries or concerns during the review process.

PJHSSR reserves the right to evaluate and verify the contributions of authors listed on submitted manuscripts to ensure compliance with these authorship criteria. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in delays in the review process or rejection of the manuscript.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of authorship attribution reflects our dedication to fostering integrity, accountability, and excellence in scholarly publishing. By adhering to these principles, PJHSSR aims to uphold the integrity of academic research and promote a culture of transparency and fairness in authorship practices.