Advertising & Direct Marketing

The Advertising and Direct Marketing Policy of the Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) emphasizes our commitment to maintaining editorial independence, integrity, and the highest ethical standards in all aspects of publication. PJHSSR does not engage in direct marketing practices that compromise the integrity of scholarly communication or infringe upon the privacy of our readers and contributors. We do not sell, rent, or distribute personal information of our readers or authors to third-party advertisers or marketers. Any advertisements displayed on the PJHSSR website or other platforms are selected and placed in accordance with strict editorial guidelines and relevant industry standards. Advertisements are clearly labeled as such and do not influence the editorial content or peer review process of the journal. PJHSSR reserves the right to decline or remove any advertisements that are deemed inappropriate, misleading, or inconsistent with the values and mission of the journal. Additionally, PJHSSR does not endorse or promote any products, services, or organizations through direct marketing channels. Our primary focus is on disseminating high-quality scholarly research and fostering academic discourse in the humanities and social sciences. We strive to provide a professional and ethical publishing environment that prioritizes the interests of our readers, authors, and the scholarly community at large.