Correction Policy

The Correction Policy of the Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) underscores our commitment to maintaining the accuracy and credibility of published research. In the event that errors or inaccuracies are identified in a published article, the following procedures will be followed for corrections. Authors, readers, or other stakeholders are encouraged to promptly notify the editorial office of any errors discovered in published articles. Upon receipt of a notification, the editorial team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the nature and extent of the error. If the error significantly impacts the interpretation or integrity of the research findings, a correction will be issued. Corrections may take the form of an erratum, corrigendum, or addendum, depending on the nature of the error and its impact on the article. The correction will be promptly published in the journal, clearly indicating the original article title, authors, and the nature of the correction. Additionally, the online version of the article will be updated to reflect the correction, and an explanatory note will be appended to the article to provide context for readers. PJHSSR is committed to transparency and accountability in scholarly publishing, and our Correction Policy aims to ensure that the scientific record remains accurate and reliable.