Appeal Process

The Appeal Process Policy of the Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) underscores our commitment to fairness, transparency, and accountability in the handling of editorial decisions. Authors who wish to appeal a decision made regarding their manuscript submission may do so through a structured appeal process. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the editorial office within a reasonable timeframe following the decision notification, typically within 30 days. The appeal should clearly outline the grounds for disagreement with the decision and provide any additional information or clarification deemed relevant to the manuscript's evaluation. Upon receipt of the appeal, the editorial team will conduct a thorough review of the manuscript and the grounds for appeal. This may involve reevaluation by the original handling editor or consultation with additional reviewers or editorial board members as necessary. The appeal process aims to ensure that all editorial decisions are made fairly, based on scholarly merit and adherence to the journal's policies and guidelines. Authors will be informed of the outcome of the appeal in a timely manner, and the decision reached will be final. PJHSSR is committed to upholding the highest standards of editorial integrity and providing authors with a transparent and impartial appeal process.