Review Policy


The Journal of Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and excellence in scholarly publishing. Peer review plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and validity of research published in our journal. This review policy outlines the principles, procedures, and expectations guiding the peer review process at PJHSSR.



Objectivity: Peer review at PJHSSR is conducted in an impartial, fair, and objective manner, free from bias or prejudice.

Confidentiality: Reviewers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript and its contents throughout the review process.

Constructive Feedback: Reviewers are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to authors, aimed at improving the quality and impact of their research.

Timeliness: Reviewers are requested to complete their reviews promptly within the stipulated timeframe to ensure timely publication of accepted manuscripts.


Initial Evaluation: Upon submission, manuscripts undergo an initial assessment by the editorial team to ensure they meet the journal's scope and formatting guidelines. Manuscripts that meet these criteria are then sent out for peer review.

Selection of Reviewers: Reviewers are selected based on their expertise, experience, and suitability to assess the manuscript's content. Reviewers may include members of the editorial board, subject matter experts, and scholars with relevant research interests.

Peer Review Process: Reviewers evaluate the manuscript based on its originality, significance, methodology, clarity, and adherence to scholarly standards. Reviewers may recommend acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript, accompanied by detailed comments and suggestions for improvement.

Editorial Decision: Following the peer review process, the editor-in-chief makes a decision regarding the manuscript, taking into account the reviewers' feedback and recommendations. The editorial decision may include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection.

Author Notification: Authors are promptly notified of the editorial decision, along with the reviewers' comments and recommendations. In the case of revisions, authors are provided with specific guidance on addressing the reviewers' concerns.

Revision and Resubmission: Authors are given an opportunity to revise their manuscript in accordance with the reviewers' feedback and resubmit it for further evaluation. Revised manuscripts may undergo additional rounds of peer review if necessary.

Final Decision: Upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the editor-in-chief makes a final decision regarding its acceptance for publication. Accepted manuscripts are then prepared for publication in the journal.


Reviewer Responsibilities: Reviewers are expected to conduct thorough and constructive evaluations of assigned manuscripts within the specified timeframe. Reviewers should disclose any conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality throughout the review process.

Author Responsibilities: Authors are expected to adhere to ethical standards in research and publication and respond to reviewers' comments and suggestions in a timely and respectful manner.

Editorial Oversight: The editorial team at PJHSSR is committed to upholding the integrity and quality of the peer review process and may intervene as necessary to address any concerns or discrepancies that may arise.

The review policy outlined above reflects PJHSSR's dedication to fostering rigorous and transparent peer review practices in the field of humanities and social sciences research. By adhering to these principles and procedures, we aim to maintain the highest standards of excellence and contribute to the advancement of scholarly knowledge in Pakistan and beyond.