Data Sharing Policy

The Journal of Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (PJHSSR) recognizes the critical role of data sharing in advancing transparency, reproducibility, and collaboration in scholarly research. As such, PJHSSR adopts a Data Sharing Policy to promote the responsible and ethical sharing of research data accompanying published articles.

Authors submitting manuscripts to PJHSSR are encouraged to share the underlying research data that supports their findings whenever feasible and appropriate. This may include raw data, processed data, code, and other supplementary materials necessary for reproducing the reported results.

Authors are expected to adhere to the following principles when sharing research data:

Transparency: Authors should provide clear and comprehensive descriptions of the data and methodologies used in their research to facilitate understanding and replication by others.

Accessibility: Authors should deposit research data in a recognized data repository or platform that provides open access to the data, ensuring that it is freely available to the scientific community and the public.

Ethical Considerations: Authors should ensure that shared data comply with relevant ethical standards, including obtaining informed consent for data sharing where applicable and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of research participants.

Documentation: Authors should provide detailed documentation and metadata accompanying the shared data to facilitate its interpretation and reuse by others.

Licensing: Authors should specify any licensing or usage restrictions associated with the shared data, ensuring that users understand how they may legally and ethically use the data.

PJHSSR reserves the right to verify compliance with its Data Sharing Policy and may request authors to provide evidence of data sharing upon acceptance of their manuscripts for publication. Failure to adhere to the Data Sharing Policy may result in the delay or rejection of the manuscript.

By embracing a culture of data sharing, PJHSSR aims to enhance the rigor, reproducibility, and impact of scholarly research in the humanities and social sciences, fostering collaboration and innovation across disciplinary boundaries. This policy underscores PJHSSR's commitment to promoting open social science practices and advancing the collective pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of society.