The Effect of Authentic Leadership of School Heads on Teachers’ Withdrawal and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Confirming the Mediation of Psychological Empowerment


  • Riffat-un-Nisa Awan Department of Education, University of Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Masood Ahmad Khan
  • Ghazanfar Ali



Authentic Leadership,, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Withdrawal Behavior,, Psychological Empowerment


This study explored school teachers’ perception about their heads’ authentic leadership, their psychological empowerment, withdrawal behavior and organizational citizenship behavior. It also attempted to measure the correlation among all variables understudy and the mediation of psychological empowerment in the association of authentic leadership of heads and teachers’ organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and withdrawal behavior. A self-developed tool was used for data collection from a sample of 360 public sector school teachers at secondary level. The data was analyzed through t test, Pearson r, multiple regression and process Macro. The findings revealed that teachers rated their heads as high on authentic leadership scale. They rated themselves high on OCB and psychological empowerment scales and low on withdrawal behavior scale. There was significant positive relationship among all variables. The study also revealed effect of authentic leadership behavior on psychological empowerment, and OCBs and inverse effect on withdrawal behavior. The mediating effect of teachers’ psychological empowerment in relationship between authentic leadership and teachers’ OCBs was confirmed but same was not the case with withdrawal behavior.